Roles and Responsibilities as an ambassador:

Participation: You will be involved in different research activities, supporting student ambassadors from your school. Activities will include attending events, answering surveys, and talking about the project with other teachers and students.

Recruitment: You will help us to involve other teachers and students in the research project by sharing information about the project in your school.

Enrolment: You will be assisting Researchers during the enrolment sessions to assist students to activate the project app they will be using during the project.

Bootcamp: There will be the opportunity for some teachers to accompany student ambassadors to one of the project Bootcamps. These will be held in another European country and will last 2-3 days (including travelling). At the camps we will do different activities and workshops, to help us get to know one another. We will ask you (and other teachers) to support the students during the different activities, including trying out the app that has been created. The bootcamps will be arranged and paid for by the Bootstrap project.

Time commitment: This role will require 1-2 hours of your time each month, depending on the different stages of the project. You will be invited to be part of this project for the whole school year. Teacher Ambassadors will then be invited to continue their commitment for longer if they wish (the project will run for three years in total).

Training and support: Teachers and students will receive training and support for their involvement in the project. This will be provided by members of the research team, with some online sessions and then face to face, during the Bootcamps.