The PUI online streaming event has been fully booked now


What do I need for online streaming?

Computer or mobile device

You can use any type of computers/laptops, this includes Windows, Mac as long as you can watch YouTube video without any problem.

Most of the mobile devices (iPad, Android Tablets, Smartphones) will be fine for accessing online streaming with a stable WIFI connect, the quality of the streaming is determined by the speed of the internet.

Good connection of broadband

In order to receive a good feed from online streaming, the download speed for the broadband needs to be 15 Mb/sec or more, slower download speed will result lagging in video and audio when watching the online streaming.

You can check your download speed from SPEEDTEST.NET

The live streaming page will contain 3 parts:

  1. Live streaming window
  2. Live chat area
  3. Live streaming time table

Please see the image below for detail:


Do I need webcam and microphone when accessing the live streaming?

No, you will not need the microphone and webcam for attending the online streaming. However, have a pair of headphone with you will be handy if your speaker’s volume is low or you are surrounded in a noisy environment.

I cannot see the video appears on the page at all.

This would be very rare if happens, as most of the current web browsers are capable to run the online streaming video without any issue, should you experience this issue, please update your web browser to the current version, we recommend all major web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox.

Is there a delay between what I am watching and what is happening?

The answer is yes and the delay is about 12-15 seconds when the video feed is being sent to the stream server where it is then transcoded for streaming. The added processing the video must go through when it is uploaded causes this delay. Unfortunately, this delay is unavoidable due to the nature of the live streaming process. However as a viewer, you will not feel any difference, in the case of any question and answer to the online participant as yourself, our speakers and facilitators are aware of this delay so they will allow plenty time for your response and comment.


DAY 1 - 14th January 2019





Introduction to PUI.  Professor Naomi Fineberg and Professor J Zohar

Classification of PUI; controversies and consensus.  Professor Dan Stein

Assessment of gaming disorder and PUI – what are the best scales?  Professor Zsolt Demetrovics and Dr Orsolya Király

PUI and substances: a controversial correlation.  Dr Giovanni Martinotti

DAY 2 - 15th January 2019





Genetics of behavioural addiction, of relevance to PUI.  Professor Edna Grünblatt

Psychological and neurobiological mechanisms of PUI: an update.  Professor Matthias Brand

Cognitive mechanisms and PUI.  Dr Konstantios Ioannidis

PUI in childhood populations. Professor Stefano Pallanti

DAY 3 - 16th January 2019





PUI and ASD. Professor Eric Hollander

Treatments for gambling disorder and related conditions: possible implications for PUI. Professor Jon Grant

Treatments for obsessivecompulsive spectrum disorders. Professor Michael van Ameringen

Compulsive problems and disorders in children and adolescents. Professor Dan Geller