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Young People, Scientists, and Technology Experts — United Across Countries Against Problematic Use of the Internet

PRESS RELEASE, 14/05/2024. With the start of the European Mental Health Awareness Week (13-19 May), we are announcing our joint activity in the BootStRaP project countries. A new, ground-breaking study using smart technology to boost mental [...]

BootStRaP Project Mentioned Worldwide in a Transatlantic Conversation About Digital Addictions  

Renowned psychiatrist Prof. Naomi Fineberg captivated audiences worldwide during her insightful appearance in the "Ask the Expert" webinar hosted by Children and Screens, an organization dedicated to exploring the impact of digital media on young minds.  Professor [...]


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The BootStRaP project is a long-term international study with its own brand and identity. This is a tangible and intangible element, including its history, name, and design – visual identity. The origin of the BootStRaP logo has its roots in the preceding activities of the European Network for Problematic Internet Use (COST action, Net&Me), whose success has significantly expanded the world’s understanding of the connections between health, internet usage, and behavior.

The updated BootStRaP logo reflects continuity and symbolizes the idea of togetherness, uniting a network of scientists researching the influence of the digital world on our brains and behaviour and inspiring us with a new idea: Resilient in times of change.


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