International Training School and Conference on Problematic Usage of the Internet (PUI)

Free lectures, workshops, and tutorials

March 16-18, 2020

Applicants who want to attend in-person should be full members of the COST Action CA16207 and have a professional/personal interest on topics related to the topics in the programme.

As per COST inclusiveness principles, priority will be given to early-career researchers (with less than eight years since obtaining PhD degree); researchers from target inclusiveness countries (please refer to the official list for details). Female researchers are especially encouraged to apply.

All candidates will be evaluated by the COST PUI Expert Committee, and given timely notification about the results. The Committee will reserve the right to select the final participants (in case of too many applicants), and the decision will be considered final.


Anyone interested (members of the public, clinicians, policy makers or researchers) will be welcome to sign up for online streaming and later to view the archive for free. The registration deadline for online streaming is the 13th of March.

YOUR CONNECTION SPEED Use the Speed Test Tools to test your internet connection speed, please tell us what is your DOWNLOAD SPEED by filling the space below. In order to receive a clear live streaming of the event, it is important that you have a decent and fast DOWNLOAD SPEED.

Those who wish to attend the training school in person should be full members of the cost action ca16207. Please do not forget to download and complete the application form then send it to Natalie Hall.


Those who wish to attend the training school in-person should be full members of the COST Action CA16207. The deadline for application forms for in-person attendance is the 7th of February. With notification of acceptance going out on the 17th of February.

To sign up for attending in person, please download and complete the Application Form, then send it to Natalie Hall at